Why Camera Sewer Inspection

A man digging a hole

Visually find the problem without having to dig. Protect your lawn, plants and trees.

Regular maintenance can reduce costly repairs.


When a plumber does a sewer camera inspection, chances are, especially in older homes, a problem is revealed that will need to be repaired.


We send a camera down the main sewer line and record video to check for cracks, roots and damage. This usually averages an hour or so depending on length, size of home/building, etc.

We charge $199.00 for a camera inspection and $249.00 if you’d like a copy of the video.

Pipes get clogged due to accumulation of hard water deposits, debris, grease, etc. Sewers tend to get clogged by disposal of wipes, roots and flushing trash. Regular maintenance will help keep your sewer flowing and reduce costly repairs.

Make sure the pressure from the city is correct with a pressure reducing valve. Use type L copper for your hot and cold service. Make sure a licensed plumber installs it for you! Other preventive measures like pressure testing, insulation and water softeners can help keep your pipes in good working order.

If you toilet is leaking in the tank or bowl, chances are its time for a new toilet. Look for cracks as well. Other problems to look for are clogged flush jets under the rim and calcification.  

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